Welcome to Never Work With Your Idols!

Here’s the deal. I started this newsletter because I want to sell my *soon-to-be-published* book Never Work With Your Idols. And I’m asking all of you to talk about that book. To your friends, family or your followers (online or offline). As long as possible and as often as possible.

Every marketeer I have spoken to has advised me to create my own ‘following’ to promote my specific business. One, just one, business only! So, I can’t tell you anything about the paintings & prints I produce. Can’t tell you anything about my family or my love for cinema (which I lack). Unless it helps growing the ‘following’. The following you are now part of. So thanks for subscribing and welcome to the following! It’s about the music industry and all its weirdness here.

Feel free to send input or contact me with your great ideas. And please note: the book will be released early next year, exact date t.b.c. Obviously, I will keep you updated here about the progress!