Need more gossip!

The Dutch version of Never Work With Your Idols is published by Outliner Books, my own publishing house. It’s basically DIY (you will read all about DIY in chapter 25). My two reasons for self-publishing are quite simple:

1. I didn’t want to wait. I’m always in a rush, and if I want something, I want it now. I can’t wait because next week there will be other things I’ll want to do or explore. 

2. The Dutch publishers I spoke to all said the same thing: great book, but could you make it suitable for a broader audience by adding more anecdotes about the big stars? Answer: no, I can’t.

For the translated version, I’ve contacted over 70 publishers worldwide. From the US and the UK to India, I’ve contacted a lot of them. By submitting the manuscript, or parts of it. Didn’t get many replies. Although I did get one, asking if ‘I could adjust the book by telling some more juicy anecdotes about the big stars…’

So, DIY it is. For now…