Please Call

Don’t feel offended, or do. It’s just a typical phenomenon: not replying to messages. I’ve tried to find the best way to send them: e-mail, whatsapp, via Facebook or Instagram, to name but a few. But in the end it doesn’t matter via what platform or how you send anything: there are a lot of people who just don’t reply.Sending them music by a new artist, asking them for advice, trying to book an act… not a word back. And I’m not talking about bulk email or spam. It’s 100% hardcore personal messaging from 1 adult to another. Real people you know, addressed by their first name! And still no reply, how is that even possible? In my opinion, you always reply, no matter what the question is. I booked all Dutch acts on 4 major festivals: guess how many bands I got offered every week? I still replied to them all. I once got a request from a one-man band (yes, with drums on his back, tambourines on his feet and a flute in his pocket!) who wanted to perform at the 17 000 capacity Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. There was only 1 person who thought he could do it (the band himself) but hey, he still got a reply!Some people suggest it’s because of a fear of rejecting good things. It’s easier to get excited about something than to tell anyone you’re not excited at all. And possibly being wrong about a new act… is it a fear of failure? I don’t know, but I know one thing: it’s not that difficult to reply, you should try it!