The Art of Splitting Up

“We decided to split up”. Remember those words? Oasis, One Direction, Take That, the Spice Girls, Daft Punk, ABBA, The Beatles, The Smiths (to name but a few). Bands split up. And it’s understandable, right? If you’re in a band, it’s like a marriage. And if you’re successful there’s a lot of pressure on the group. You’ve got to deal with stardom, money and a lot of decisions you might not want to take. And then there’s the pressure of the boy- and/or girlfriends. Have you ever heard of the Yoko Ono Syndrome?
‘The Yoko One Syndrome is used to describe when someone chooses to hate and vilify another person for the crime of dating a celebrity they find attractive, regardless of the massive odds against that person ever getting together with said celebrity themselves.’
Try to keep the band together if you’ve got fans like that!
Anyway, if you’re in a band and you want to split up, you need to get the timing right. Why? I hear you ask. Because eventually you’ll want to reunite! And there’s got to be at least ten years in between the break up and a reunion. Because then you’ve grown wiser, you can have the good old laughs from the past and the fees will be higher than they used to be. It worked for Motley Crue, the Police and the Backstreet Boys. But it doesn’t work for The Rolling Stones, Green Day and U2. They can’t split up anymore, they are too late now!
So get your timing right and don’t wait too long. Split up as soon as possible!