Climate Festivals

I sincerely question whether the marriage between the live music industry and action against climate change is a good one. We (in the biz) all pretend it’s a big topic, but in the end you can’t deny that not playing live is the only answer to a better environment, right? Or the bands travel or the audience does, both ways: pretty bad for the planet. Using LED for lightning, public transport or multiple shows to reduce emissions are good things, but eventually still bad for our health.
So, with that in mind, it’s great that there’s a festival called Global Citizen Festival! They say: “Take Action Now. For Girls. For The Planet. To End Poverty.”

So, first of all. I don’t understand why we should take action for Girls. What’s wrong with girls? Is it all the girls or just a few of them? It’s probably not for all of them.
Take Action Now to end poverty. I understand that one. ‘We do a festival, you pay and we donate your money to end poverty”. Pretty simple and effective.

But For The Planet? We already know organizing festivals isn’t the best for the planet. But look at this:
“You need to PRINT your tickets in order to enter. Mobile tickets will not be accepted” and “Bags must be: small, clear PLASTIC, VINYL or PVC…. “
So bring your plastics and paper and we’ll take action for the girls! That’s not really helping the planet, right?