As you might know, there’s a problem with pressing vinyl albums. At the moment, it can take op to nine months before an album is pressed and printed. There are some pressing plants that claim to do it faster, but then it still takes three to four months. That means that in a world where you can release a song on the day it has been created, you will have to wait months before you can get it in the recordshops.

They say it has to do with the succes of vinyl…

I was at the HMV in London last week. I was quite surprised that the store still existed but was more surprised by the amount of vinyl in the store. There were some new releases, but in the top ten it was re-releases only. Bowie, George Michael, Thriller. The next day, I passed a gigantic billboard with an add for the re-release of Rubber Soul by The Beatles.

Made me wonder. It’s not about the succes of vinyl, it’s about blocking the chain of new releases by releasing albums you can buy in the second hand record store for half the price.