It’s all about tickets this week! Bruce Springsteen talked about pricing and the Taylor Swift on sale crashed all figures.

Bruce was criticized about his high ticket prices and explained it was always ’let’s do what all the others do, but a little bit cheaper’. But for the last tour they shifted to: ‘let’s do what all the others do’. Hassle.
The demand for tickets for Taylor’s US tour was so high, that the Ticketmaster site crashed: ‘no one was able to buy a ticket’ and people started buying overpriced tickets on secondary sites. Hassle.

Let’s forget about nuance. Only 10% of the available tickets for Bruce were indeed pretty highly priced. No one complained about the other 90%. And why was ‘no one’ able to buy a ticket for Taylor if they sold so quickly?
We’ve seen sites crash for high demand shows at a lot of on sales. Sheeran crashed, Adele crashed, even Springsteen! Why? Because there a too many people trying to buy tickets at the same time. Every site would crash.

And the artists know that. So the question is: why won’t they spread the onsales? Just split the dates and go on sale on a different time or day.

Because it’s all about marketing. Taylor and Bruce had a good week.